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In pictures: Canada wildfires shroud New York in apocalyptic smog

Smoke from Canadian wildfires shrouded New York in a record-breaking apocalyptic smog Wednesday as cities along the US East Coast issued air pollution warnings and thousands evacuated their homes in Canada. 

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Poland is rearming itself at high speed — could Canada take a lesson from Warsaw?

South Korea just delivered new tanks and guns to Poland only months after the contract was signed

Canadian support for royals may have slumped, but the scenes in London tell a different story

Throngs of Canadians flood streets, wave flags to witness Charles's coronation

Canadian state media quits Twitter over label

The CBC has objected to Elon Musk’s ‘government-funded media’ designation

Why asylum seekers are choosing Canada in record numbers

Last year, nearly 40,000 migrants crossed into Canada at an unofficial border crossing at the end of a remote rural road in upstate New York - a record number - to seek asylum. Many are driven by the belief that the country is more welcoming than the US. But can Canada handle the influx?

Banking regulator takes permanent control of Silicon Valley Bank's Canadian assets

Regulator took temporary control on Sunday


Flying Object Shot Down Over Canada

A U.S. military jet shot down another unidentified airborne object, this time over Canada, on Saturday on orders of President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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