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Spying in Mexico Strikes a New Victim: the President’s Ally

While looking into abuses by the armed forces, the country’s top human rights official was targeted with Pegasus, the world’s most notorious spyware, The Times found.

Latest Americas

Venezuelan Opposition Figure Flees Country, Arrives in U.S.

Juan Guaidó landed in Miami, marking the end of an attempt to undercut Nicolás Maduro’s regime with a parallel government.

Mexico condemns US ‘interference’ in drug war

The DEA’s infiltration of the Sinaloa Cartel without state permission amounts to espionage, the Mexican president says

Ukraine hits out at Brazil’s Lula: Come here to grasp ‘real causes’ of war

Brazilian president’s framing of the conflict is ‘not in line with the real state of affairs,’ a Ukrainian official says.

Trump backs ‘military options’ against Mexican cartels – media

The former president has vowed to deploy US special forces to “inflict maximum damage” on drug cartels if he is reelected

Brazilian Former President Bolsonaro Returns From Florida Exile

Popular politician faces accusations that he incited attacks on government buildings earlier this year

Honduras Establishes Diplomatic Ties With Beijing, Abandoning Taiwan

Central American nation’s recognition of Beijing as China’s only legitimate government leaves Taiwan with just 13 diplomatic partners

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