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Russia issues arrest warrant for Yulia Navalnaya, widow of Alexei Navalny

Two-month detention order imposed on exiled dissident Yulia Navalnaya for participating in ‘extremist’ group

Latest Europe

‘Terror’: Russia’s despicable daytime act


Russia has been blasted after launching a horrific daytime attack on Ukraine, hitting a children’s hospital and leaving at least 20 people dead.

French leftist alliance appears to block far-right path to election win

Whatever the outcome, Macron's 7-year political experiment with pro-business policies aimed at boosting the economy and reforming the bloated welfare state will be dented. He has ruled out resigning.

Marine Le Pen Betrays Her Past to Capture a Bigger Prize: France


The country has been shaken by the prospect of the far-right takeover, as the National Rally leader flirts with the center ground.

Will Meloni and Le Pen Be Right-Wing Besties? It’s Complicated


Assumptions that Giorgia Meloni and Marine Le Pen would find common ground may be wrong.

The far right is close to power in France. Will the rest of Europe follow?


Whatever the result of France's election, its impact will be seismic, says Europe editor Katya Adler

UK’s new prime minister assumes office

Labour leader Keir Starmer has formally become the country’s head of government after meeting with King Charles III

Rishi Sunak resigns as Conservative Party leader

The move by the British prime minister comes after the Tories suffered a crushing defeat to Labour in the general election

Farage elected MP for first time as Reform wins four seats

Reform leader overturns 25,000 Tory majority, as his party wins in Ashfield, Great Yarmouth and Boston and Skegness.


Le Pen’s far right is on the cusp of power in France – what happens next?

The “clarification” President Emmanuel Macron invoked as he called France’s snap elections has clarified this much: that French voters no longer want him to govern alone – or indeed at all. Exactly who he should share power with remains an open question after an inconclusive first round that has handed Marine Le Pen’s far right a commanding win, but not yet a decisive one. 

The Center Collapses in France, Leaving Macron Marooned


Squeezed by the far-right National Rally party and the left, President Emmanuel Macron faces a country that may prove ungovernable.

What the Mood Is Like in France After the Far Right Won Big


Many expressed shock that Marine Le Pen’s nationalist party was so close to power after the first round of a snap election.

Why the French chose the ‘radical far right’ over Macron’s establishment

The overconfident president got what was coming when his party suffered a massive defeat in the first round of the national election

‘Wiped out’: Country in crisis, city burns


Hundreds of protesters have set off flares and started fires on the streets of a major European city after a far-right party won big gains.

Analysis: Le Pen's party now dominant force in France


The right-wing National Rally is projected to top the first vote - but all is still to play for.


Le Pen’s far-right party wins first round as Macron’s snap elections gamble backfires

Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigrant National Rally led a first round of voting on Sunday in exceptionally high-stakes elections that could put France’s government in the hands of a far-right party for the first time since World War II. President Emmanuel Macron’s ruling coalition was beaten into third place by a fledgling alliance of the left as the incumbent’s gamble with a snap election backfired spectacularly.

Death toll rises in Russia's Dagestan region after coordinated attacks on churches, synagogues

The death toll from a series of brazen attacks on churches and synagogues in Russia’s mainly Muslim region of Dagestan rose to 20 on Monday after gunmen went on the rampage in coordinated attacks in two of the republic’s most important cities.

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