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PRESIDENT OF BHARAT: Clue India may be changing its name

A single word on a dinner invite has sparked frenzied speculation that India has changed its name, and the new one is highly controversial.

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Inside Japan’s ‘miracle town,’ where the birth rate is soaring amid a demographic crisis

Nagi’s defiance of those trends stems in part from having faced its own existential crossroads two decades ago, Mayor Masachika Oku said. 

Biden declares ‘new era’ of partnership with South Korea and Japan

The meeting marked the beginning of what the White House hopes will be an extended stretch of three-way engagement

North Korea confirms detention of American soldier Travis King

North Korea asserted Wednesday that a U.S. soldier who bolted into the North across the heavily armed Korean border last month did so after being disillusioned with the inequality of American society and racial discrimination in its Army.

China’s Economy Faces Yet Another Threat: Falling Prices

A deepening slowdown in the world’s second-biggest economy has now raised fears of deflation, which could be crippling for heavily indebted China.

A sports star. An actor. Now a top diplomat: Why do China's public figures keep disappearing?

The case of China's top foreign affairs diplomat Qin Gang, a disappeared 'wolf-warrior'

​Kim shows off sinister new weapons ​

The North Korean dictator has been impressing his visiting Russian guests with a parade featuring a slew of terrifying weaponry.


‘Instability’: Xi under threat from shock move ​

One of Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s top officials, who vanished for weeks, has been sacked for no reason sending

Qin Gang: China removes foreign minister after unexplained absence

China has removed Qin Gang as foreign minister less than seven months after he was appointed to the post.

US soldier held by North Korea after crossing border

North Korea is reported to have detained a serving US army soldier who crossed the heavily-fortified border from South Korea without permission.

Taiwan’s Impossible Choice: Be Ukraine or Hong Kong

Taiwan draws two opposite lessons from Russian invasion of Ukraine

South Koreans become younger under new age-counting law

South Koreans have become a year or two younger as a new law aligns the nation's two traditional age-counting methods with international standards.

Anxious neighbours sigh in relief as US and China talk

If China's neighbours, near and far, could have sent Presidents Xi Jinping and Joe Biden a text in the last 48 hours, it would probably have been some version of: "Can you two please sort things out?"

Antony Blinken begins talks in Beijing during high-stakes visit to China

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is meeting with China's Foreign Minister Qin Gang in Beijing at the start of two days of talks with Chinese officials.

Is India doing enough to make train travel safe?

The Odisha crash in India has put a spotlight on safety as the government modernizes the country's extensive railway network and infrastructure.

India train crash: More than 230 dead after Odisha incident

At least 233 people are now known to have been killed and 900 injured in a multiple train collision in India's eastern Odisha state, officials say.

North Korea says it launched a 'military reconnaissance satellite'

North Korea had confirmed Tuesday that it planned to launch what it called "military reconnaissance satellite No. 1" before June 11, having already told Japan of its plans a day earlier.


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