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In One California City, Officers Texted Racial Slurs, Bragged About Beating Suspects

Nearly half the police in Antioch, Calif., were included on racist texts. The new chief says, “It’s up to us 

Incarcerated people use TikTok videos to expose Alabama’s prison conditions

Understaffing, overcrowding and a lack of healthcare fueled a crisis in a state with the world’s highest incarceration rate

Face Mask Mandates Fall Away Among Many Hospitals, Doctors

Some of the last holdouts drop Covid-19 mask and test requirements after recommendations roll back

New York City is sinking due to weight of its skyscrapers, new research finds

City is sinking approximately 1-2mm each year on average, worsening effects of sea level rise and flooding threat

The US asylum rule replacing Title 42 is strict – here’s what we know

Now that Covid-era immigration restrictions have ended, the Biden administration has formulated new asylum regulation

What is Title 42, why is it ending and what’s happening now at the border?

US homeland security secretary calls circumstances ‘difficult’ as ending of pandemic-era Title 42 restrictions approaches

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