Death Toll Rises In Russia's Dagestan Region After Coordinated Attacks On Churches, Synagogues

The death toll from a series of brazen attacks on churches and synagogues in Russia’s mainly Muslim region of Dagestan rose to 20 on Monday after gunmen went on the rampage in coordinated attacks in two of the republic’s most important cities.

June 24, 2024


France Could Trigger The Next Euro Crisis

Runaway budget deficits and confrontation with Brussels and Berlin is a formula for trouble

June 24, 2024


‘Vogue World’ Brings Fashion And Sport Together In Paris Ahead Of Olympics

Paris played host Sunday to an ultra-glitzy collision between fashion and sport as Vogue put on its latest branding event in the heart of the city ahead of the Olympic Games.

June 24, 2024


Britain’s Embrace Of The Bomb

The country’s nuclear-weapons program is in bad shape, yet it is one of only two nations actively rearming. What’s it all for?

June 20, 2024


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