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‘Root causes’ of Ukraine conflict should be eliminated – Lavrov

Russia and the West need mutual security guarantees for the crisis to be resolved, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said

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How the world reacted to Biden's presidential debate performance


Foreign diplomats expressed shock and concern about the implications for this year’s US election

Outgoing Dutch leader Mark Rutte looks set to become NATO chief

Known for his direct manner and pragmatic approach, Rutte was seen by allies as the right leader to potentially work with Trump should he be elected.

Russia and North Korea agree on mutual aid against aggression – Putin

Pyongyang has the right to defend its sovereignty against the US, the Russian leader has said

North Korea’s Kim declares ‘full support’ for Russian war in Ukraine

The U.S. and its allies are concerned about the growing military cooperation between the two states.

World leaders meet at Swiss peace conference on Ukraine – without Russia

The presidents of Ecuador, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Somalia will join many Western heads of state and government and other leaders at a conference this weekend aimed to plot out first steps toward peace in Ukraine – with cnotably absent.

This US senator betrayed America’s worst kept secret about Ukraine

Lindsey Graham spoke the quiet part out loud when he said the country is a “gold mine” America can’t afford to lose

Weakened Leaders of the West Gather in Italy to Discuss an Unruly World

Russia reports battlefield gains in Donetsk region ahead of Ukraine summit

Russia on Monday claimed the capture of another village in Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region, the latest in a string of gains ahead of a major Ukraine summit in Switzerland.

France to give fighter jets to Ukraine – Macron

The French president also reiterated that Kiev can carry out long-range missile strikes on Russian soil

ICC’s bold move on Gaza warrants brings fresh scrutiny of Prosecutor Karim Khan

By demanding an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, International Criminal Court Prosecutor Karim Khan has defied critics who accused him of turning a blind eye to Western-backed crimes against humanity – and made himself a possible target of the Biden administration.

Russia-China ties are model of relations between great powers – Xi

Vladimir Putin has said cooperation between Beijing and Moscow does not pose a threat to other nations

Island nation erupts into violence, three dead


New Caledonia’s international airport is closed and Australians are advised to exercise a high degree of caution, as protests turn deadly.

Vladimir Putin will meet his big brother in Beijing

Russia’s leader wants to strengthen his “no-limits” partnership with Xi Jinping

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