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Russia and Iran ‘building momentum’ – Putin

The two nations are cooperating in fields ranging from infrastructure projects to education, the president has said

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Israel’s Impossible Dilemma

The IDF can hand Hamas either a Pyrrhic victory or a real one

‘GOOD RIDDANCE’: World reacts to ‘war criminal’ Kissinger’s death

Henry Kissinger, the renowned diplomat and former US Secretary of State, has died at the age of 100.

North Korea defends satellite launch at UN as Kim studies images of White House

North Korea's ambassador made a rare appearance at the UN Security Council on Monday to defend his country's launch of a spy satellite, as leader Kim Jong Un studied images including of the White House and Pentagon.

‘Russia will not lose’ – EU member state

Hungary’s Viktor Orban says the West should accept “reality” and come up with a Plan B

Is Japan’s economy at a turning point?

.Wage and price inflation is coinciding with an exciting corporate renewal.

BRICS urges 'immediate, durable and sustained' truce in Gaza

The BRICS groups of nations called for a truce in Gaza during a virtual meeting, during which South Africa accused Israel of 'war crimes' and acts 'tantamount to genocide.'

China hails Xi-Biden meeting despite 'dictator' remark

The picture of Xi Jinping and Joe Biden on a stroll in a Californian country estate continues headlining Chinese media a day after what Beijing has hailed as a "historic" summit.

South Africa refers Israel to ICC

Pretoria accuses the Israeli government of committing genocide in Gaza

Xi Jinping and Joe Biden working to ‘enhance trust’ between US and China, says Foreign Minister Wang Yi after summit

  • The two presidents announced deals on resuming military communications and tackling the US fentanyl crisis at their meeting in California

Arab and Muslim leaders blame West for Gaza misery

Hypocrisy, double standards and a failure to understand the region. These are the charges being levelled at the West, primarily the US, by leaders of 57 Arab and Muslim countries who convened at the weekend in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

Xi Jinping arrives in US as his Chinese Dream sputters

When Xi Jinping stepped off his plane in San Francisco for the Apec summit, it was in circumstances very different to the last time he landed on American soil.

Biden, Xi Set to Meet Nov. 15 on Sidelines of APEC Summit

Leaders to speak for first time since meeting at G-20 in 2022

Ukraine’s commander-in-chief on the breakthrough he needs to beat Russia

General Valery Zaluzhny admits the war is at a stalemate

At G7, Blinken Warns Israel Against Occupying Gaza

Netanyahu has insisted there will be no cease-fire until the hostages taken by Hamas are released.

European Commission Recommends Starting Membership Talks With Ukraine

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Wednesday that Ukraine “belongs to our European family.”

G7 issues ‘unified’ call for humanitarian pause to Gaza conflict

G7 nations said in joint statement Israel has a right to defend itself, while underscoring need to protect civilians and comply with international humanitarian law

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