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Saudis say Palestinians must be part of Israel peace deal, says Blinken

“If [Saudi-Israel normalization] is to move forward, the Palestinian piece is going to be very important too,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

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Israel allegedly strikes targets in Damascus, four Syrian soldiers dead - Syrian media

Four other Syrian soldiers were also wounded in the attack.

Pakistan ex-PM Imran Khan arrested after court gives 3-year prison sentence

Cricketer-turned-politician, 70, was accused of misusing his premiership to buy and sell gifts

Is Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu healthy? - opinion

Downplaying or covering up ill health is nothing new. Those in positions of power, such as political leaders, business leaders, and heads of industry, have been doing it since time immemorial.

Opinion | The ground is cracking under Netanyahu’s feet

Mr. Netanyahu could use the upcoming Knesset recess for talks

Israel protests ahead of judicial reforms, explained

Air Force pilots and Israel’s biggest trade union threatened strikes over the legislation.

Netanyahu to undergo heart surgery

The Israeli PM said he will be fitted with a pacemaker

Iraq orders expulsion of Swedish ambassador over Quran controversy

Thursday’s early-morning attack on the Swedish Embassy came after news broke that Stockholm had granted a permit for another demonstration by Momika, this time outside the country’s Iraqi Embassy, and with the stated intent of once again publicly damaging a Quran.

Chilling reason for men’s beheading ​

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, has issued a chilling death sentence.


Arab governments vote to readmit Syria into Arab League

The Arab League readmitted Syria on Sunday after more than a decade of suspension, consolidating a regional push to normalise ties with President Bashar al-Assad in a move criticised by Washington.

Islamic State Leader Killed in Intelligence Operation, Turkey Says

If confirmed, it would be the group’s third leader to die in less than 18 months

Israel launches strikes on Syria after rocket fire as violence flares

Attacks come amid sharply increased Israel-Palestinian tensions following Israeli raids this week on al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem

Biden administration report on Afghanistan mostly blames Trump for disastrous withdrawal

A new report published by the Biden administration concludes that the chaotic exit from Kabul is due to a lack of planning by the previous White House following the withdrawal plan Trump had agreed upon with the Taliban.

Israel strikes Lebanon and Gaza after major rocket attack

The Israeli military has carried out air strikes on targets belonging to the Palestinian militant group Hamas in southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

Biden: Israel can’t continue this way, no Netanyahu White House invite

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not visited the White House since taking his post in December 2022.

Israeli crisis continues as fired minister apparently refuses to quit

Questions raised over Benjamin Netanyahu’s control over coalition as he makes concessions to far right

US launches airstrikes in Syria

The Pentagon has said Iran-affiliated groups were targeted, while local sources claim civilian infrastructure was hit


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