Russia-Ukraine War

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Germany's Scholz vows probe into 'very serious' leak of army talks on Ukraine war

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Saturday promised a full investigation after what appeared to be a recording of confidential army talks on the Ukraine war was posted on Russian social media, in a potentially huge embarrassment for Berlin.

Latest Russia-Ukraine War

Putin Warns West of Risk of Nuclear War in Annual Address

The Russian leader accused his country’s adversaries of trying to drag it into a new arms race.

NATO in no rush to fight for Ukraine, Macron takes flak for escalatory idea

The French president’s suggestion that defeating Russia may require Western boots on the ground quickly backfired

How a Russian arms maker targets unknowing Canadian companies to get around sanctions

Supply lists, contracts in cache of data leaked by Ukrainian hacker group

Ukraine's allies keep hitting Russia with more sanctions — and Russia keeps finding ways around them

New measures may close loopholes that have limited effectiveness of previous penalties, experts say.

Two years after Russia’s invasion, Ukraine reorients its strategy to focus on defence

Two years after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the lack of troops and ammunition and the depth of Russia's field fortifications are forcing Kyiv to adopt a more defensive strategy. As it waits for more Western support, the Ukrainian army is holding out for better days.

2 years into war, Russian forces make offensive gains as Ukrainian weapons dwindle

After 2 years of Russia's invasion, Ukrainian weapons stockpiles have depleted.

Russia claims gains in east Ukraine as two-year mark approaches

Russia claims gains in east Ukraine as two-year mark approaches

Avdiivka: Russia accused of executing prisoners of war after Ukraine withdraws

Last week, Ukrainian forces surrendered the eastern city of Avdiivka, which they had for months been desperately defending against a brutal Russian onslaught.

'The road to Avdiivka is filled with Ukrainian corpses'

Several troops fell behind during Ukraine’s retreat. The messages they left were hard to read, one soldier says.

Russian pilot who defected found dead in Spain, says Ukraine security agency

Maksim Kuzminov, who changed sides in secret operation, killed after allegedly moving to Alicante, reports suggest

Avdiivka, Longtime Stronghold for Ukraine, Falls to Russians

With Ukraine’s forces at risk of encirclement, the top military commander ordered a retreat. In startlingly candid accounts, soldiers described disarray and despair.

Zelensky explains Avdeevka retreat

Ukrainian troops are pulling back to avoid encirclement and destruction, the president has said.

Key Donbass city of Avdeevka liberated – Moscow

With Ukrainian forces routed, Russian soldiers are clearing the last pockets of resistance from the city

Ukraine Withdraws From Besieged City as Russia Advances

Kyiv’s military chief orders outgunned forces to pull out of Avdiivka, the first city captured by Russia in months.

Ukrainian forces withdraw from Avdeevka, critically important Donbass city

General Aleksandr Syrsky has ordered the move from Avdeevka to “more favorable lines”

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