Russia-Ukraine War

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White House touts ‘year of suffering’ for Russian troops

A senior US official has outlined a strategy for Ukraine as he urged lawmakers to sign off on more aid

Latest Russia-Ukraine War

Dead or Alive? The Hunt for a Ukrainian Soldier Missing on a Chaotic Battlefield

Ruslan Finchuk was last seen under Russian fire. His unit told his wife he was dead. ‘He just disappeared.’

Ukraine blocks ex-president from leaving country amid alleged plan to meet pro-Putin Hungary’s Orban

Ukraine's security service said on Saturday it had prevented former president Petro Poroshenko from leaving the country on grounds that Russia planned to exploit a planned meeting with Hungary's prime minister to hurt Ukrainian interests.

Surrounded by Russians and ready to die, this Ukrainian soldier called in an artillery strike – on his own position

Thanks to Serhii, Ukrainian artillery conducted several accurate strikes, but more Russian soldiers continued to take up positions around him.

Ukraine war: Zelensky says fortifying front lines must be accelerated

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said defences must be quickly beefed up across the front line, after meeting commanders in some of the main pressure points in the south and east.

Russia is starting to make its superiority in electronic warfare count

There may not be much the West either can or will do to help Ukraine

Ukraine accuses Russia of poisoning military intelligence chief’s wife

Ukraine said Tuesday it believed Russia had poisoned the wife of its military intelligence chief, in an apparent assassination attempt targeting the heart of Kyiv's leadership.

‘Russia will not lose’ – EU member state

Hungary’s Viktor Orban says the West should accept “reality” and come up with a Plan B

Ukraine war: Fierce row erupts over 2024 election

How can you hold elections in a war?

Ukraine war: Kyiv hit by biggest drone attack since war began

Russia has launched its biggest drone attack on Kyiv since its full-scale invasion of Ukraine began last year, the city's mayor has said.

Two Ukrainian fighter jets shot down – Russian MOD

The Russian military has also said it neutralized some 18 unmanned Ukrainian aircraft during the preceding 24-hour period

Ukraine’s Struggle for Arms and Attention Gives Putin an Opening

As the war in Gaza deepens, some in the US and EU are asking whether they can go on funding what Ukraine’s top general admits is a stalemate.

Zelenskiy calls for operational changes to Ukraine military after sacking commander

President demands ‘new level of medical support for soldiers’ as questions mount over speed of counteroffensive against Russia

Russia says it shot down Ukrainian drone headed towards Moscow

Russian authorities say a Ukrainian drone heading for Moscow was shot down by defence forces on Saturday.

Russian army trying to surround Ukraine's Avdiivka, two explosions heard in Kyiv

The Russian army, which has been attacking the city of Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine for a month, is still trying to surround it and seize a strategic factory, said a Ukrainian army spokesman on Friday. "Strong explosions" were heard in central Kyiv on Saturday, said Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko. FRANCE 24 provides an update on the ongoing war in Ukraine on Saturday, November 11.

Ex-Nato chief proposes Ukraine joins without Russian-occupied territories

Former secretary general says partial membership would warn Russia it cannot stop Ukraine joining the alliance

Ukraine war: Kyiv hit by first air attack in 52 days, say authorities

Ukraine's capital Kyiv has been hit by the first Russian air attack in 52 days, according to city officials.

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