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No combat troops will be sent to Ukraine – French Foreign Minister

Paris will do “everything” to avoid a direct conflict with Moscow while continuing to aid Kiev, Stephane Sejourne has said

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NATO in no rush to fight for Ukraine, Macron takes flak for escalatory idea

The French president’s suggestion that defeating Russia may require Western boots on the ground quickly backfired

Emmanuel Macron does not rule out sending Western ground troops to Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron announced Monday new steps to boost Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion, saying not even the sending of Western ground troops was ruled out to achieve Europe's goal of defeating Moscow.

Hungary approves Sweden joining Nato after months of delays

Hungary approves Sweden joining Nato after months of delays Yes vote comes nearly two years after historically neutral country applied to join military alliance

Ukraine can deploy F-16s to attack deep inside Russia – NATO

Kiev will be able to use the fighter jets outside its claimed borders, the bloc’s head has said

Putin puts West on notice with flight on nuclear-capable bomber

The Tu-160M is capable of carrying 12 cruise missiles and can fly approximately 7,500 miles without refueling

Israeli PM 'missed chance' to cut off Hamas cash, says ex-spy chief

Israel's prime minister missed the chance to starve Hamas of cash, years before its murderous attack last October, according to a former senior Israeli intelligence officer.

Putin Seeks Revenge on a World Order He Once Wanted to Join

The KGB agent turned warlord president has shaped Russia with resentment and force. As Donald Trump threatens to abandon NATO allies if he returns to the White House, Putin’s poised to take advantage.

Senate passes aid bill for Israel, Taiwan, Ukraine

The House speaker has suggested it's not likely to get a vote in his chamber.

Tucker Carlson Promised an Unedited Putin. The Result Was Boring

In an interview that lasted more than two hours, the Russian President aired well-trod grievances and gave a lecture full of spurious history meant to justify his war in Ukraine.

Kremlin explains why Putin spoke to Tucker Carlson

Moscow saw the interview as an opportunity to be heard in the West, spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said

New BRICS member hails ‘diplomatic victory’ in Moscow

The first meeting between Ethiopian and Russian representatives in Moscow was welcomed by the African country

Musk can’t be stopped – Putin

The billionaire will continue his technological developments, but rules must be established, the Russian leader has said

Russia has no intention of attacking NATO – Putin

Moscow doesn’t want the world slipping into a global war, the Russian leader said

What Putin Wants to Get Out of Tucker Carlson

One of the last Western journalists to interview the Russian leader describes the Kremlin’s mind games, and how to discern journalism from propaganda.

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