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Biden defends his memory in surprise speech after special counsel report

President says ‘my memory is fine’ after report on classified documents case calls him ‘elderly man with poor memory’

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Day 3: How to Eat for Better Energy

Today you’ll tune into how food makes you feel.

Just How Rich Were the McCallisters in ‘Home Alone’?

Fans have been debating the McCallister family’s wealth for years. We asked the Federal Reserve for answers.

She miscarried in her bathroom. Now she’s charged with abuse of a corpse.

In 2019, a Warren County, Ohio, woman was found guilty of abuse of a corpse in connection with the death of her newborn daughter; her defense lawyer said the baby was stillborn.

​Missing boy found alive six years later ​

Alex Batty, from England, vanished in Spain six years ago. Now he has been found alive and well in France.

Ten ways to avoid scams when booking holiday travel

With news of Booking.com hackers increasing attacks on customers, we ask two cyber-security and travel fraud experts for their top tips on how to protect yourself when booking a trip.

A $44 million lotto ticket in Florida has expired. Here's what will happen to the money

The prize winnings will now go to a fund to support Florida public education and a 20% cut will return to the prize pool.

How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro

You have to create it yourself.

A doctor tried to renew his passport. Now he’s no longer a citizen.

The Northern Virginia doctor was born in D.C. and given a U.S. birth certificate. At 61, he learned his citizenship was granted by mistake.

Jared Leto climbs Empire State Building

He's known for going to great lengths to win an Oscar - and now Jared Leto is going to great heights to promote his band's next tour.

When the Skyscraper You Hate Blocks the Skyscraper You Love

Views of the Empire State Building are being obscured by a new 860-foot luxury tower rising just blocks away. Should New York regulate its skyline?

Off-duty pilot accused of trying to crash Alaska Airlines jet cites breakdown

An off-duty pilot who allegedly tried to crash a passenger jet said he did so after suffering an apparent nervous breakdown, court documents show.

​‘Human Satan’ has claws for hands ​

A man known for his extraordinary body modifications underwent a daring procedure to amputate three fingers, turning them into devilish claws.

Smartphones Have Turbocharged the Danger of Porn

Since the 1960s, the taboo against pornography has almost disappeared. Now that it’s easily available to anyone with a phone, the personal and societal costs can no longer be denied.

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