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Beyoncé becomes first Black woman to top US Hot 100 with country song

Success follows controversy over one Oklahoma radio station refusing to play the song and some questioning her genuine connection to the genre

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Usher brings romance to the biggest stage in America: The Super Bowl

@Usher's next album—his first without a major label—is the next chapter in his legacy: “It’s a separate start of something else that is far more about a lifestyle, a feeling, being immersed and also engaged in things outside of music."

Kanye West Shares Video for North West-Featuring 'Vultures' Track

The first part of the three-volume 'Vultures' project is expected to drop later this week.

Country music star Toby Keith dead at 62

The colourful and sometimes controversial singer was twice ACM's Entertainer of the Year

Grammy Awards 2024 ceremony highlights: Speeches, performances and more

Taylor Swift made Grammys history in a night full of surprising moments - but Jay-Z’s on-stage rant was the biggest shock of all.

Demi Lovato goes viral after ‘tone deaf’ Heart Attack performance

Demi Lovato stunned fans when she performed an “inappropriate” song in front of heart attack victims.

TikTok Just Lost a Huge Catalog of Music. What Happened?

Universal Music Group pulled songs by Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and other stars after failing to agree on a new contract. Here’s what’s at stake.

Justin Timberlake’s Air of Desperation

As a musical guest on SNL, the star’s changed status in the pop-cultural universe was hard to ignore.

Lil Nas X Is Done Being an ‘Acceptable Gay Person’

In the HBO documentary “Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero,” he opens up about his family, his sexuality, his fame, and how all of it has changed him—for better and for worse.

Melanie, Singer Who Made a Solo Splash at Woodstock, Dies at 76

Just 22 when she charmed the festival crowd, she went on to enjoy success with songs like “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)” and “Brand New Key.”

Madonna is being sued for starting recent Brooklyn concerts over two hours late

The suit claims that most concertgoers left the venue after 1am each night, causing them significant inconvenience

Ariana Grande releases new single — and we’re getting a distinct message

The song is the first single off her forthcoming seventh album, which will be named “Eternal Sunshine.”

Taylor Swift’s team upset over ‘invasive’ New York Times op-ed

Taylor Swift’s team is reportedly enraged about an “inappropriate” New York Times piece speculating about her sexuality.

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