Watch The Titanic Sink In Real Time In Eerie Animated Recreation

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The Titanic struck an iceberg late at night on April 14, 1912, and sank some 2 hours and 40 minutes later, early on the morning of April 15 — and thanks to this animated recreation, you can watch the whole thing unfold in real time. This simulation includes the iceberg strike, the ship coasting to a halt in the North Atlantic about 20 minutes later, lifeboats being lowered into the water and even scenes of flooding in the interior corridors. Along with showing the ship sinking in real time, the simulation has captions describing what was happening aboard the ship at specific times, as well as anecdotes about some of her passengers. Some 1,500 people — more than two-thirds of the ship’s total population — died when Titanic sank. However, the animation shows no people. It’s as if an empty ship is sinking, which somehow makes it even eerier. Check it out in the clip above, cre-ated with Unreal Engine 4 to promote an upcoming game called “Titanic: Honor and Glory.”
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