Cars that fly or drive themselves aren't available to the public yet, but many cutting-edge technologies are already featured in today's vehicles.

More car companies are leaning on innovations coming out of Silicon Valley and elsewhere to make getting behind the wheel less of a hassle and more fun.

Here are some of the coolest features that tease the future of driving, from windshieldprojections to never needing to park again.

Cameras galore

Humans are no longer the only ones to see the road ahead.

Cars are increasingly outfitted with sensors, especially cameras. With the help of computer vision software, cameras are able to identify signs -- such as the speed limit -- and adjust accordingly.

Ford offers a speed-limiting feature on several of its European cars, including the Kuga, Edge, S-Max and Galaxy. A driver in one of those vehicles can set parameters to prevent driving more than 5 mph above the speed limit. Rather than applying brakes to keep a driver at that speed, it limits the amount of fuel to the engine.

Cameras are also playing a big role in autonomous vehicles, such as helping them see around corners or detecting people and objects on the road.

Meanwhile, the Cadillac SuperCruise uses a camera on the steering column to monitor a driver's eyes. It knows when a driver's eyes turn away from the road for too long and flashes a light to help them re-focus.

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