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Kim Kardashian lawsuit: Judd Foundation claims Skkn by Kim founder promoted 'knockoff' tables

Author: Editors Desk, Taijuan Moorman Source: USA Today
March 28, 2024 at 10:55

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Kim Kardashian's tables are at the center of a new lawsuit.

In a since-deleted tour of Kardashian's New York Skkn by Kim office on her YouTube channel, she offers a look at the minimally designed workspace. In showing off the headquarters of her skincare brand, the reality star later gives a nod to the "furniture people" watching by highlighting her "really amazing" Donald Judd tables.

However, according to a new lawsuit filed Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, the tables and chairs in the video are "knockoff" versions that were designed and "deceptively" advertised by West Hollywood interior designer Clements Design as "authorized, authentic" furniture by Judd.


Kim Kardashian has been sued by the foundation of the late Donald Judd, who claims the reality star promoted 'knockoff' versions of his work.
Kim Kardashian has been sued by the foundation of the late Donald Judd, who claims the reality star promoted "knockoff" versions of his work. MICHAEL TRAN, AFP Via Getty Images


The lawsuit was brought by the Judd Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to "educate the public about and preserve the legacy" of the late sculptor and artist, according to the complaint. Judd died in 1994 of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

USA TODAY has reached out to Kardashian's representatives and Clements Design for comment.

The foundation is suing Kardashian, 43, for false endorsement and claims the businesswoman was "well aware" the pieces were inauthentic. However, attempts to resolve the suit amicably lasted for "several months" and were ultimately "fruitless," the lawsuit says.

The foundation is suing Clements Designs for trademark infringement, false destination of origin, unfair competition and false advertising. The Judd Foundation says Clements Design's tables and chairs "appear identical" to Judd's La Mansana Table 22 and Chair 84 seats featuring his "signature" design of "flat, rectangular" work, while also claiming the pieces are "poor quality imitations."

The lawsuit claims when alerted to the inauthenticity of the pieces, reps for Kardashian said "(u)pon receiving it, we did further research and have learned unfortunately that the table and chairs are not from Donald Judd. ... (We) are incredibly sorry for any inconvenience this has caused the foundation."

The foundation claims it later offered to replace the tables and chairs with authentic ones at a discount, to no avail.

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