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Majority believes Trump beat Biden in TV debate – CNN poll

Author: Editors Desk Source: RT
June 28, 2024 at 10:42

According to the network’s flash survey, 67% of registered voters who watched the showdown said the Republican came out on top

Two-thirds of US voters believe former President Donald Trump beat Joe Biden in the first presidential debate on Thursday, CNN has reported, citing a survey. Democrats are panicking over the incumbent president’s poor showing following the 90-minute debate in Atlanta, Georgia, according to several media outlets.

Many, including CNN, have noted that the 81-year-old Democrat suffered multiple awkward pauses, made inaccurate statements, and failed to outline his own accomplishments during the debate. Biden also kept jumping abruptly from one topic to another.

CNN, citing the findings of a flash poll of 565 registered US voters, reported that 67% believe Trump came out on top in the debate. The other 33% thought Biden had outperformed his rival. The media outlet noted that, prior to the event, 55% of the same group of voters said they expected the Republican to put up a stronger showing, while 45% had more confidence in the incumbent.

However, Biden insisted “we did well” following the performance. The president also said that “it’s hard to debate a liar,” and added that he had a sore throat, as quoted by the US print pool.

Biden’s party was largely dismayed by his performance on Thursday night, according to the Washington Post. Several Democrats wrote on social media that what they had seen on TV was “heartbreaking.” Some went so far as to call on Biden to step down and make way for a younger candidate before it’s too late.

Similar sentiments were “also palpable” on Capitol Hill, the newspaper claimed. “One thing was clear by the end of the first 2024 presidential faceoff: Democrats were in a panic following Biden’s halting debate night performance,” it concluded.

First Lady Jill Biden stood by her husband immediately after the debate, telling him: “Joe, you did such a great job! You answered every question!”

In an interview with CNN, Vice President Kamala Harris also insisted that “what we saw tonight is the president making a very clear contrast with Donald Trump on all of the issues that matter to the American people.” She acknowledged though that “there was a slow start,” adding, however, that “it was a strong finish.”

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