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100+ killed as Israeli troops open fire on hungry crowd in Gaza – Hamas (VIDEO)

An IDF source claimed soldiers “felt threatened” and blamed any casualties on the Palestinians

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Netanyahu lays out post-war plan that Palestinian leader says is doomed to fail

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has presented his first official "day after" plan for the Gaza Strip once Israel's war with Hamas ends, saying Israel will keep security control over all Palestinian areas and make reconstruction of Gaza dependent on its demilitarization.

Netanyahu proposes plan for post-war Gaza with Israeli army having ‘freedom’ to operate

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proposed a plan for post-war Gaza that envisions local Palestinian officials without links to Hamas or its foreign backers governing the territory, Israeli media reported Friday.

France under pressure to suspend military sales to Israel as war in Gaza grinds on

NGOs and leftist members of the opposition have increased the pressure on France's government to reconsider arms sales to Israel in the wake of the war in Gaza and follow in the footsteps of other European nations that made moves to suspend military exports over concerns about the humanitarian situation on the ground. 

Brazil recalls ambassador from Israel

The move came amid a row over the Brazilian president’s remarks about Gaza

Israeli PM 'missed chance' to cut off Hamas cash, says ex-spy chief

Israel's prime minister missed the chance to starve Hamas of cash, years before its murderous attack last October, according to a former senior Israeli intelligence officer.

U.S. proposes new UN Security Council draft resolution supporting temporary ceasefire in Gaza

A ground offensive in Rafah 'would have serious implications for regional peace and security,' U.S. says

Israel rejects two-state solution – Netanyahu

Unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state would be an “unprecedented reward to terrorism,” the prime minister has said

Netanyahu: Anyone would say 'no' to Hamas’s terms for Gaza hostage deal

Hamas’s insistence on a prolonged pause to the war, a permanent ceasefire, and a complete IDF withdrawal from the enclave doused optimism that the release of the captives was around the corner.

Blinken Meets Saudi Crown Prince on Mideast Push for Pause in Gaza War

The top U.S. diplomat spoke with Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler as he sought to broker a pause in the fighting. His visit came the same day a drone struck a Syrian base used by U.S. forces and their allies.

US and UK bomb 36 targets in Yemen

The new bombing follows a series of airstrikes on Iraq and Syria

What we know about US strikes on Iran-linked targets in Iraq and Syria

The United States on Friday carried out strikes against Iranian forces in Iraq and Syria in retaliation over a drone attack that killed three US soldiers in Jordan.

U.S. conducts strikes in Iraq and Syria

The action follows an attack on a Jordan base that killed three Americans

Aid to Gaza and beyond at risk of collapse due to funding cuts, says UNRWA

UN body warns it could be forced to shut by end of month unless US, UK and others restore suspended aid money Middle East crisis

Iran military general warns US it is ‘not afraid’ of war amid regional tensions

A high-ranking military official in Iran has issued a defiant statement as tensions between the Middle Eastern superpower and the West threaten to spill over.

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