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Boy steals show in US Congress (VIDEO)

Author: Editors Desk Source: RT
June 4, 2024 at 14:11
©  X/cspan
© X/cspan

A six-year-old was caught on camera making faces during a floor speech

An American preschooler has gone viral after rolling his eyes and sticking out his tongue during a speech in the House of Representatives by his father, who warned about the dangers of political prosecutions.

Congressman John Rose, a Tennessee Republican, was first in line on Monday to deliver a floor speech denouncing last week’s criminal conviction of former President Donald Trump. 

I rise today to address the terrible precedent set in our country four days ago, using the justice system to engage in a politically driven prosecution and now conviction of a major political party nominee running for president, especially on the charges brought against Donald Trump – should gravely concern every member of this body, as well as every American across our country,” Rose said.

Seated behind Rose was his son Guy. The six-year-old had just finished kindergarten and was spending time with his father, while Rose’s wife Chelsea was back in Tennessee with their younger son, Rose’s office later told reporters.

At first, Guy sat quietly. Then he noticed the C-SPAN cameras that have been broadcasting from the House floor for years. What happened next went viral.



As Rose began speaking about “settling our political differences at the ballot box,” Guy stuck out his tongue, grinned, rolled his eyes, and “generally hammed it up,” as the New York Times put it.

After almost a minute, someone outside the frame pulled Guy aside and partially out of view of the cameras. The boy sat there, quietly, for the remainder of the speech.

This is what I get for telling my son Guy to smile at the camera for his little brother,” Rose later joked on X (formerly Twitter). 

The congressman and his son parlayed their newfound internet fame into a Fox and Friends appearance on Tuesday morning. 


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