War in Ukraine

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Latest War in Ukraine

Kiev concedes loss of key town – AFP

Russia claimed full control of Soledar two weeks ago

What Western armour gives Ukraine in the next round of the war

A new iron fist should confer an advantage over Russia, but the stakes are rising

Top Ukrainian officials quit in anti-corruption drive

Several senior Ukrainian officials have resigned amid a shake-up of personnel across President Volodymyr Zelensky's government.

US to send hundreds of armored vehicles, rockets to Ukraine as part of 2.5 bil assistance

The United States has committed more than $27.4 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since Russia invaded in February last year.

Ukraine war: Who was Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky?

Denys Monastyrsky, who has died aged 42 in a helicopter crash near Kyiv, is the most senior Ukrainian official to die since the war began almost a year ago.

Ukraine's interior ministry leadership killed in helicopter crash

The three main figures in Ukraine's interior ministry have been killed in a helicopter crash beside a nursery in an eastern suburb of the capital Kyiv.

In Ukraine, the battle for Soledar may be a life-wasting diversion for a looming, larger fight

Apparent victory in salt-mining town comes at a high cost for Russia

How Ukraine became a laboratory for western weapons and battlefield innovation

  • Ukrainian ingenuity has impressed US officials, who have praised Kyiv's ability to 'MacGyver' cheap but effective solutions in the war against Russia.
  • Ukrainian ingenuity has impressed US officials, who have praised Kyiv's ability to 'MacGyver' cheap but effective solutions in the war against Russia.

Ukraine erupts over brutal Russian strike ​

Russian missiles have caused devastation across Ukraine, striking an apartment building and knocking out critical power infrastructure.

More classified documents found at Biden residence

The president’s counsel discovered five additional secret files while collecting a previously disclosed item

Russia carries out two mass rocket strikes on Ukraine killing at least 12 people

The targets of the attack, in which many people were injured, was Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, authorities said

​Putin claims ‘crucial’ victory ​

Russia says it has taken control of a gateway town in Ukraine, in what could mark its first big battlefield gain since the start of the invasion.

Wagner group claims full control of Soledar

Ukrainian troops are reportedly trapped in the key Donbass town

​Russia has ‘likely’ captured Ukraine town ​

In a rare recent advance for Russian forces Moscow is now “likely” to be in control of a strategic Ukrainian town after a “bloody” battle.

‘Like a fireball’: Vladimir Putin unveils new plan to scare the world

The Russian President is hoping one of his new “wonder weapons” will restore his tough-man image – and he’s ordered a warship to parade it to the world.

Donetsk shelled in first minute of Christmas truce – authorities

Ukrainian officials had rejected Moscow’s proposal to cease hostilities for 36 hours

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