Russia-Ukraine War

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Putin warns West about consequences of attacking Russia

Moscow knows who would be behind long-range “Ukrainian” strikes, the president has said

Latest Russia-Ukraine War

Vladimir Zelensky: No mandate, no election. So what now?

With his term in office having reached its expiry date and the conflict going badly for Kiev, the Ukrainian leader is in a very difficult situation

Zelensky’s presidential term expires

This year’s elections were cancelled by the incumbent

Ukraine's defence lines stretched as Russian troops advance


The BBC's Jonathan Beale joins Ukrainian forces in Kharkiv as they try to shore up a weakened frontline.

Zelensky blames ‘whole world’ for Ukraine’s failures in Kharkov

Russian forces recently captured several settlements near the city, gaining an upper hand in the region

Buffer or ruse?: Russia's new offensive in northeast Ukraine 'not an open road to Kharkiv'

Over the past three days, Russia has seized control of several localities north of Kharkiv in a fierce new offensive that could bring Moscow to the gates of Ukraine’s second-largest city. FRANCE 24 spoke to several military analysts who believe that it is still too early to speak of a turning point in Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Putin's Preparing Better Than Us for a Long War

The Kremlin’s appointment of an economist to run the defense ministry is a sign of grandiose intent

Putin defence minister shake-up a sign of plans for ‘long confrontation’ with West

President Vladimir Putin's nomination of top economic official Andrei Belousov as defence minister is a sign of the importance the Russian leader places on the war economy in gaining the upper hand in what he expects will be a long conflict against Ukraine, analysts say.

Russia having ‘tactical success’ near Kharkov, Ukrainian military admits

The pace of the Russian advance has reportedly caused discontent in Kiev’s ranks

Russian Forces Push Deeper Into Northern Ukraine

With Ukrainian troops outnumbered, exhausted and now in retreat near Kharkiv, many Ukrainians wonder if the war has taken a significant turn for the worse.

Russia claims troops enter border town near Kharkiv


Ukraine is concerned about what could happen if Russian troops get within artillery range of Kharkiv.

Russia’s Bombardment of Ukraine Is More Lethal Than Ever

Ukraine is shooting down a far smaller proportion of Russian missile attacks than it was earlier in the war as its enemy launches more harder-to-hit weapons.

Thousands evacuated in Ukraine as Russia advances in Kharkiv region

Russia said Sunday it had captured four more villages in Ukraine's Kharkiv region, as thousands of residents were evacuated from the offensive in an area where Russian troops were repelled in 2022.

Kiev replaces key commander amid Russia’s advance – media

The reported dismissal was linked to Moscow’s operations in Kharkov region

Zelensky fires state security chief

The sacking of Major General Rud could be linked to an alleged plot to assassinate the Ukrainian leader, according to local med

Russia launches new offensive – Kiev

Moscow’s military has renewed an assault on Ukraine’s Kharkov Region, according to President Vladimir Zelensky

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