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Universal Music impasse with TikTok threatens to take more tracks off platform

Talks stumble over money, copyright and use of artificial intelligence

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Incognito Mode Isn’t Doing What You Think It’s Doing

Private browsing, for one thing, may be giving holiday shoppers a false sense of privacy

Windows is now an app for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and PCs

Microsoft has created a new ‘Windows App’ for accessing its OS on a variety of devices, possibly signaling broader ambitions.

Nepal bans TikTok over threat to ‘social cohesion’

This nation of 30 million people has banned TikTok, effective immediately, due to its threat to social order.

AI has rescued Mark Zuckerberg from a metaverse-size hole

His long-term bet still stands, though

Musk makes $1 billion name-change offer to Wikipedia

The owner of X (formerly Twitter) has accused the online encyclopedia of biased editing

Israeli Arabs arrested over Gaza social media posts

Dozens of Arab citizens of Israel have been arrested in connection with social media posts about the war in Gaza.

Elon Musk’s X is testing an annual fee for unverified accounts

Elon Musk's X, formerly known as Twitter, has started charging new users in New Zealand and the Philippines $1 (£0.82) a year to access key features, as part of a new trial.

Graphic war videos go viral, testing social media’s rules

Facebook, YouTube and TikTok ban support for Hamas. Telegram allows it. And X struggles to enforce its own policies.

Delete your digital history from dozens of companies with this app

Americans finally have some privacy rights. Permission Slip makes telling companies to delete or not sell your data simple. Really.

The Latest Twists in the Tensions Between Elon Musk and Tim Cook

Billionaire’s ambitions for his social-media company run up against Apple

ChatGPT can now generate images after OpenAI released a new version of its DALL-E image generator.

OpenAI released a new version of its DALL-E image generator to a small group of testers and incorporated the technology into its popular ChatGPT chatbot.

Google reveals best time to book flights ​

Google has a new search function that allows travellers to hunt for the lowest fares — and if it’s not the lowest, it will pay you the difference.

Twitter's Rival Threads Is Already Unraveling

Threads’ failure to maintain its early momentum is indicative of both design flaws and larger network effects.

Elon Musk’s X is throttling traffic to websites he dislikes

The site formerly known as Twitter has added a five-second delay when a user clicks on a shortened link to the New York Times, Facebook and other sites Musk commonly attacks, a Washington Post analysis found.

Elon Musk Swipes Control of Another Twitter Account, This Time @Music

After seizing the @X account, Twitter has taken over the @music handle from an Ohio man who had been using it for over 16 years.

Elon Musk Teases New X Logo After Saying Twitter Will Rebrand

Billionaire owner posts image of flickering white “X” on black background though website hasn’t changed

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