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Trump’s wild ‘Mother Teresa’ outburst


As the jury in his trial goes into deliberations, Donald Trump has angrily hit out at the the judge and evoked the memory of an Calcutta nun.

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Can You Believe What Michael Cohen Just Said at the Trump Trial?

The star witness in the former President’s criminal trial is also the most aggrieved and seemingly unreliable one.

How Michael Cohen went from Trump’s fixer to a key witness against him

For years, Cohen said he fixed Trump’s problems. Now the disbarred lawyer is the star witness for New York prosecutors trying to link Trump to an illegal hush money plot.

‘Orange turd’: Porn star’s swipe at Trump

Porn star Stormy Daniels has gone to town on Donald Trump in court saying “nobody would ever want to to publicly” admit they had sex with the former president.

TikTok Ban Sparks Lawsuit Pitting National Security Concerns Against First Amendment Rights

Some courts have deferred to the government in matters of national security, while others have expressed skepticism when it's invoked to suppress speech.

‘Incarceration’: Judge’s warning to Trump


Donald Trump has been fined by the judge in his hush money trial and warned he could face prison time if he keeps breaking the rules.

Supreme Court might not give Trump sweeping immunity — but it's likely to give him the one victory he wants

But a majority of Supreme Court justices appear ready to hand the former president an immediate victory.

Trump lawyer tells SCOTUS that president could have immunity after ordering military to assassinate a political rival

Special counsel Jack Smith argues Trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 election aren't protected.

Trump trial hears damaging star claims

The Terminator star’s name was unexpectedly raised at Donald Trump’s trial as claims were made the actor tried to buy and bury bad stories.

‘LOSING CREDIBILITY’: Judge explodes at Trump lawyers as case heats up

A judge has taken his frustration out on Donald Trump’s lawyers who struggled to justify how why the former President was commenting on witnesses.

Trump’s super PAC has helped foot his legal bills. That might end soon.

Save America has now spent about $60 million on legal consulting since the beginning of 2023.

Tumultuous Trump trial day ends with 12 jurors, 1 alternate selected

Seven men and five women have been picked, along with the first of what is expected to be a group of six alternates. Two jurors selected earlier were dismissed, and Donald Trump’s lawyers could not convince the judge that they can keep their client quiet.

Donald Trump posts $175 million appeal bond he owes in NY civil fraud case

  • Donald Trump has posted a $175 million bond following an appeal court's decision in his New York civil fraud case.
  • In total, Trump and three top Trump Organization execs owe New York nearly half a billion dollars.
  • But they'll only have to pay the full amount if they lose their appeal. 

Sean 'Diddy' Combs can't 'settle' with feds amid sex trafficking probe: former FBI agent

Diddy settled Cassie's civil lawsuit the day after she filed it

Inside the Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ raids: Emptied safes, dismantled electronics, gun-toting feds

Legal experts said investigators would likely seek authorization to “search for videos or photographs on any devices connected to the target ... anywhere where digital images can be found in connection to sexual conduct that would have been recorded.”

‘ALL AN ACT’: Judge rips into corrupt crypto king sent down for 25 years

Sam Bankman-Fried, who built a crypto empire worth billions, will spend 25 years behind bars after the company he ran unravelled with $12 billion of its customers’ cash.

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