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Donald Trump

Americans react to Donald Trump's mugshot

Author: Editors Desk Source: BBC News:
August 25, 2023 at 06:43

This, the fourth criminal case brought against him this year, differs from the others in that Mr Trump actually had a mugshot taken.

US voters shared their gut reactions to seeing the first booking photo of a former president.

Mr Trump has denied all 13 charges against him.

 Crystal Myers Barber

Crystal Myers-Barber is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. She voted for him in both 2016 and 2020 and plans on voting for him next year.

Wow! I didn't expect this expression. I had wondered if he would smile and the answer is no!

He looks very upset and actually disgusted. It makes me very sad to see this.

He's tough but I can see this appears to hurt him within. I do believe it will help his ratings and backfire, though!

 Luke Gordon

Luke Gordon grew up in a liberal-leaning part of the north-east. He voted for Donald Trump in 2020, but he wants someone else to win the Republican nomination for 2024.

Trump is the most photographed person in human history. The mugshot was obviously unnecessary and vindictive.

Regardless, the Trump campaign is going to use this image to fundraise - and they will make a fortune.

Voters who feel the system does not apply an equal standard of justice to politicians, like the former president, will be instantly mobilised.

 Isaiah Reeves

Isaiah Reeves describes himself as a progressive.

I think it's simultaneously hilarious and not as funny as I hoped it would have been.

It is somewhat surreal to see his mugshot, but I have no faith in these charges going anywhere substantial.

I find the fact that him getting this picture taken funny in its own right, but I was hoping for some odd facial expression.

He looks more stern than I think we've ever really seen him in public, and that adds a bit of humour as well.

 Kathleen McClellan

Kathleen McClellan is a strong anti-abortion voter and backed Donald Trump twice.

President Trump looks mightily displeased with the whole thing as I think many people are.

The timing is perfect political theatre.

 Joey Blackburn

Joey Blackburn is a liberal Democrat, who was very politically active in previous years - campaigning for various candidates.

He looks very angry, which frankly I find refreshing!

He always has a very smug, satisfied look on his face.

Perhaps he is actually realising he might finally face consequences for his actions - something he's avoided essentially all his life.

 Anna Bosking

Anna Bosking is a politically active young person who first voted in 2020 for Joe Biden.

No matter the party you affiliate with, it's truly devastating to see the mugshot of an individual who held the highest office in the United States.

Putting party aside, it is an international embarrassment that the man we put on the world stage is an alleged criminal.

But at the same time, it is a wave a relief to know that the justice system is doing its job. No person is above the law.

 Gabriel Montalvo

Gabriel Montalvo is part of the military and is active in local political groups. He voted for Trump in 2020.

Trump, one of the most powerful men in the free world, was taken into custody by his political opponents because he questioned election integrity.

Latin America is the closest example of this response towards open discourse to tackling corruption within a governing body. Trump is the most investigated man in our history, with the intent evident; the Democratic party and the far left do not want him to run for president and succeed.

While the mugshot will certainly rally the Republican base, the arrest now sets a dangerous precedent for how the United States handles the ruling party's opposition.

 Nuha Nazy

Nuha Nazy says democracy, women's rights and gay rights are her top priorities.

Sad for the US and happy that that the chickens are coming home to roost for Donald Trump after all the damage he has done. It will make 2024 even more contentious than 2020.

I still think he will lead in the Republican primary. I'm glad he is being charged on the state level, none of the Republican candidates can pardon him.

Even the government of Georgia can't pardon him until he has served a part of his sentence. He will have to live with whatever comes from this.

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