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Beyonce 'breaks the internet' with huge news

Author: Nick Bond Source: News Corp Australia Network:
February 12, 2024 at 08:40

Beyonce just made a huge announcement during the Super Bowl – and fans are scrambling to catch up.

Beyonce starred in a humorous ad for US internet service provider Verizon that aired during the Super Bowl, which showed her mounting increasingly ludicrous stunts in an attempt to “break the internet.”

She didn’t have any luck – the ad’s message being that Verizon’s internet was just too reliable – and in the closing seconds of the spot, Beyonce could be heard giving it one last try: “OK, they ready – drop the new music.”

And she wasn’t playing. Shortly afterwards, announcements on Beyonce’s socials revealed that her next album – Act II of her Renassiance project – will arrive on March 29.

Beyonce's two new singles revealed.
Beyonce's two new singles revealed.
16 Carriages is a lush country-tinged ballad.
16 Carriages is a lush country-tinged ballad.

Based on the trailer and the first taste of the album, this will be Beyonce’s much-rumoured country music project.

Two songs from the album, Texas Hold ‘Em and 16 Carriages, are now available to stream.

The former is a more upbeat song, while 16 Carriages is a lush, country-tinged ballad in which Beyonce looks back with searing honesty at the struggles - and family problems - of her younger days.

“At fifteen, the innocence was gone astray

Had to take care of home at an early age

I saw mama cryin’, I saw daddy lyin’

Had to sacrifice and leave my fears behind,” she sings.

The new album will follow 2022’s Renaissance Act 1, a celebration of dance and house music that many fans and critics considered the best of Beyonce’s career.

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